High Speed Block Bridge Clamping Device


The Most Practical Work Holding Device Simple, Strong & Rugged.

Clamping Power 1.5 Tons

The ingeneously Simple, universal Clamping system is for Holding work during Milling, Drilling, Tapping operation Etc.

It's a vast improvement over conventional Clamping Kits, No need to maintain large array of block, studs, nuts plates. No. neend to try & find proper sizes pieces & look for makeshift supports.

Use Versatile Block Bridge Clamping Device for holding workpiece at any height upto 275mm
Fast Simple Modular Clamping Device

Features & Advantages :

  A self contained unit with instant height adjustment (complete set capable of holding
   parts up to 275 mm high with simple riser block)

  Provides solid clamping force of 1.5 tons.
   All the holding forces are pre-engaged-no variables.

  Provides good tool clearence.

  Can be used in special fixtures by removing T-nut and screw.

  All the parts are made of high quality material duly hardend.

  The versetile clamping device come with interchangeable 'T' nuts of 14,16,18,20 &
   22mm width.

For work piece heights 0 to 150mm stack the Block Bridge with raising Block.
For work piece heights 150 to 275mm stack the Block Bridge with raising Block.
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